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May 2, 2013
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MGS4 Raiden Headgear WIP 3 - Details by MonochromeAgent MGS4 Raiden Headgear WIP 3 - Details by MonochromeAgent
-Applied "TOKUGAWA HEAVY INDUSTRIES" barcode to visor
-Applied "caution///don't touch lens surface" to eye pieces
-Applied small red plastic crystal things to the eye pieces
(because I dont have anything else, and my mom had tons of these everywhere. she's artsy crafty too.)
SOME discrepancies on the barcode and such I have applied.
--On the Ultra Detailed Figure of Raiden(MGS4) his visor says "TOKUGAWA HEAVY INDUSTRY"

--The $944 + $70S&H Raiden Headgear available from a seller online the visor says "TOKUGAWA HEAVY INDUSTRY"

--Raiden's in-game model from MGS4, his visor decal says "TOKUGAWA HEAVY INSDUSTRIES"

I chose to follow the in-game model. BUT, my decal is black, because the printer I used can't print white.

:bulletorange: The ear piece on thei n-game model, his textures are low resolution and difficult to see, let alone READ. so I chose to emulate another Raiden cosplayer's headgear, and he wrote "SOUND TRAP 008-000365226" I decided this is what I'd do as well.
these will be applied to the ear pieces.

:bulletyellow: the teeth on this piece are made from an exact mold of the teeth of my bottom jaw! [with some modification]
plus the clay I used for then (KATO Polyclay) cures the color similar to that of bone (sort of yellow vs. sterile white) so I didnt have to paint them, and they look pretty similar to that of real teeth
(and arent stellar white compared to the teeth of my top jaw. SO If I make a stupid smile, the bottom teeth here will match closely to my actual teeth. fantstic! )
I was worrying over how to make decent labels to apply to the headgear, since my handwriting is just atrocious, and I wanted these things to look nice, sharp, and professional.

I mean, cyborg parts and accessories have to manufactured somewhere, right?
we can't have each and every cyborg ninja trying to build himself, someone has to make arms for him first, at least! amIright?

I didn't want to order anything, that'd be pricey and I'd have to waaiiiiittt. so after failing to find any TRULY TRANSPARENT printable sticker paper, I resorted to:

-Printing on a transparency sheet (like for the overhead projectors teachers used back in the day)
-running it through a, large hand operated, XYRON machine.
the XYRON machine takes any sheet of paper/flat print, and you run it through like you were to laminate it. then you peel off the transparent top, and you can peel your paper off the wax paper that's coated in an adhesive, and boom, the back of your paper is sticky.

Both the machine, and the transparent sheet I got from my wonderful digital graphics teacher.
However, the printers dont print in WHITE. so I had to make the visor barcode black, and tried printing the "caution///don't touch lens surface" with a red stroke, but you couldn't see i on black, and thus filled it in with a metallic sharpie.

this is what you get when you lack all the proper materials to make such a complicated prop for cosplay.
IMPROVISE, ALL THE THINGS. :iconallthethingsplz:
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TobiIsTheHero May 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow, that's a lot of work but I bet its worth it :la: Loving them teeth xD You're doing an awesome job so far!
If I'd actually work on it, instead of doing little bits at a time, and then being distracted by the internet a majority of my time, perhaps I'd be done by now.
Just a little left to do though. Hope to finish soon!
TobiIsTheHero May 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh the many distractions and what not. I'm sure you'll get it done! The con here is still like a couple months away, and that should be enough time for you to finish it. Then you could take all sorts of amazing photos :la:
I would love to be Raiden for the con. even though said con is pretty tiny, and I might not be easily recognized.
I would definitely chose to go as armless Raiden, heck yeah! >8U
just. run around. with my arms tucked behind my back in that long black coat and a sword in my mouth. unable to speak and have to ask assistance for everything Im too lazy to remove my hands from the coat for.
I think it'd be hilarious. xD
I'd have to just. drop the sword, or ask someone to take the saliva covered thing from me in order to speak. WOULDN'T THAT BE GREAT? LOL.

Hopefully I can do the rest of the costume after I finish this headgear up.
TobiIsTheHero May 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Friggin', that'd be hilarious to watch xD Yeah it is rather tiny, I dunno if many people do play MGS and such.

That'd be great to see the full costume! It'd look so amazing~
StefiStuff May 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:O I need a xyron machine!
They're pretty cool.
My teacher got it so we could mount prints onto foam-core board or mat-board for art competition every year.
it's a lot easier, faster and much more efficient than making mas and spraying, spray can adhesive on the back of all the pieces.

They sell smaller ones as well, that can make smaller things.
my mother has one that can do things that are about 1.5" x 1.5".

whereas my teacher's large hand operated one can to about 22" x almost any length you can get on the roll.

it basically applies adhesive on the back of the entire piece of paper, and you can peel it off like a sticker.
whoever invented it is a genius
StefiStuff May 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really know nothing about crafts or such but that person is indeed a genius.

I never thought about mounting prints, that is SO USEFUL! and very nice to know.
Now here's some rambling. if it's irrelevant to you, you don't have to read it or respond.
I see you do a bit of digital art,
so if you're ever after a super amazing quality print of your artwork, or even photos, I HIGHLY reccomend
I got a few prints there of a number of my pieces;
for fantastic prices.
and you can have them come mounted for an extra fee,
but since I was ordering a lot of prints at once, I decided to mount them all myself using the Xyron machine. took a while, but it saved me a sum of money, since my teacher doesn't charge us to use the machine! xD
and they came out just as nice.
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